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(866) 859-9242
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Located in downtown Lexington, Kentucky Bluegrass Equine Products, Inc. (now Bluegrass Animal Products, Inc.) was established in 1995 with the following mission: To create quality equine products that are superior to all others.

In an industry with numerous equine manufacturing companies of all sizes and calibers, Bluegrass Equine Products, Inc. has achieved a level of success which sets apart from all other equine companies.

Working with prominent equine veterinarians and home breeders across the country and around the world, Bluegrass Equine Products, Inc. provides alternative choices to promote superior health and welfare for the equine industry.

Bluegrass Equine Products, Inc. strives to maintain the highest possible standards in quality control, precision and ingenuity in producing and promoting new and innovative animal products.

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Bluegrass Animal Products

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