EQUINE sourced Immunoprobiotic “FROM THE HORSE!”

The equine gastrointestinal (GI) tract is critical to the health and well-being of the horse.  We are obviously aware of bacterial populations importance to nutritional health as bacteria (and other microbes) are responsible for digestion of feed stuffs.  More recently, the importance of non-nutritional bacteria (probiotics) has been recommended.  The microbiome of the GI tract, including Lactobacillus reuteri is involved in response to GI infections and local immune responses through cells lining the GI tract including inflammatory responses and development of respiratory immunity.

In addition to L. Reuteri Equiotic contains the yeast organism Saccharomyces boulardii.  This organism has specific involvement with pathogens involved in gastrointestinal infections such as salmonella, clostridia and conforus.  S. Boulardii has been successfully used to help remove pathogens in the microflora of humans and horses.  It works in two ways by binding directly to pathogens to remove them from the GI or by production of metabolites that bind/inactivate toxins produced by pathogens.   S. Boulardii has also been shown to modulate the acid content of the equine hind gut. An increased acidity (low pH) of the hind gut is a common problem in our equine athletes that are fed a high starch diet.

EquiOtic equine probiotic combines LIVE, species specific lactobacillus reuteri bacteria and Saccharomayces boulardii to help buffer the equine hind gut.  The unique packaging of Equiotic packets allows the bacteria to stay fresh until time of feeding.  When probiotics are sold in a large tub, the bacteria is exposed to air each time the tub is opened thus reducing the viability of the bacteria.  Our unique daily sachet allows us to guarantee the bacteria will be live at the time of feeding.

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