Sizing the Equine Slipper

I am trying to size the Deluxe Equine Slipper… Help!


Below are two different sizing methods. The first option is to size based off the breed which may not be as accurate slot bonus new member 100 di awal as every horse is different. The second method is too measure the hoof, both width and length, and compare it to the chart. Note that the slipper should not rotate around when it is being worn. This is a sign that it is too large, and the slipper will wear out faster.


Method 1:

Standard Sizes

XL – Warmblood

Large – Thoroughbred

Medium – Quarter Horse

Small – Pony

We carry an array of custom sizes for the big guys as well as the mini. Our newest custom size is the Small/Medium which was a special request for small footed Quarter Horses.


Method 2:

The slippers are measure from inside seam to inside seam as that is where the hoof will stop.

XXS3”3 ½ “
XS3 ½ “3 ¾ “
Small4 ½ “4 ½ ‘
Sm/Med5 “5 ¼ “
Medium5 ½ “5 ½ “
Large6 “6 ¼”
XL6 ¾”6 ½ “
XXL7 ½ “7 “
XXXL8 ½ “8 “

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