Why Equiotic Foal & Mare – a word from Dr. Bernard

Why Equiotic Foal & Mare – A word from Dr. Bernard

As a veterinarian I believe that the profession has become very good (and continues to improve) at recognition and treatment of equine diseases. However, with the exception of vaccinations, the profession has not forwarded the area of prevention.

The probiotic organisms lactobacillus reuteri and saccharomyces boulardii are proven to be protective against many causes of neonatal and foal diarrhea.  Our “Equiotic Foal & Mare” program is a cost-effective preventative program to start the foal with these beneficial organisms. Starting the foaling mare on Equiotic Foal & Mare, or Equiotic packets, one month before foaling encourages passage of the probiotic organisms to the newborn foals gastrointestinal tract through the birth canal and suckling.  Administered daily during the first weeks of life, after ingestion of colostrum, Equiotic Foal & Mare prevents or reduces the severity and duration of neonatal diarrhea.  Elimination or reducing the severity of one diarrhea case can save the cost for “Foal & Mare” for the entire farms foal crop.

The cost to feed Equiotic Foal & Mare for the first 6 months of life is under $200 with either protocol.  The cost of treating one foal diarrhea is easily over $200, and that’s assuming you are treating it at home.  The Equiotic Foal & Mare protocol can not only decrease the severity and duration of foal diarrhea, thus reducing treatment costs, but it also provides a helpful boost to the immune system.

Additionally, evidence supports the positive influence of lactobacillus reuteri on future foal diarrhea and on stimulation and development of the immune system.  Due to the nature of susceptibility of the growing foal to additional gastrointestinal and potentially respiratory diseases.

Step up to prevention, modernize your use of current biologics (vaccines) and add living bacteria biologics that can prevent and improve immune response.

-Bil Bernard, DVM