Can Equiotic Prevent or Treat Ulcers?

We are so glad you asked!

Sadly, we can not make this claim. However, we can point out a few observations. First, Equiotic does an excellent job of balancing the GI tract and maintaining stressed horses in competition and travel.

According to Merck Veterinary Manual. “Prevalence [for ulcers] in unmedicated racehorses in active training is at least 90%, whereas that in non-racing performance disciplines exceeds 60%.” Those percentages are too high to not be proactive! If you are using Equiotic on your performance or race horse, you are helping their gut stay balanced. Keep up the good work!

Secondly, we have had many customers over the years treat ulcers using their vet’s prescribed method and used Equiotic at the same time. This treats the ulcer(s) and gets the GI tract back where it should be.

We also have clients who have successfully treated their horses’ ulcers and then switched over to using Equiotic to maintain the GI tract.

Both of these scenarios have had very positive results and happy horses! So while there is no science claiming Equiotic (or any probiotic) can prevent or treat ulcers, we are thrilled that Equiotic has received great feedback from clients with ulcer horses.


Below is a link to our testimonials page if you want to hear results straight from our clients!