Adult Dogs and Diarrhea

If you have been a dog owner long, chances are you have experienced a pooch with loose stool. Sometimes its due to antibiotics, travel, or environmental stress… but occasionally they ingest something they shouldn’t. No matter the cause, its not a fun problem to have.

What do we suggest?

So glad you asked… Our Puppy Prep or Adult Formula Caniotic Paste has been known to clear up diarrhea in less than 24 hours. (You read that correctly) The paste is often used on the show circuit where diarrhea is a common enemy, and we have heard countless stories of loose stool being a thing of the past… In just a few hours!*

Our Suggested Diarrhea Protocol for Adult Dogs:

Follow the Weight Chart (Listed below and also on the paste tube)

5cc for 1-20 lbs (small breed)
10cc for 21-59 lbs (medium breed)
15cc for 60 lbs and up (large breed)

Administer Caniotic paste 1 or 2 times a day for 3 to 5 days

Once the stool is back to normal, follow up with the Caniotic tablets to maintain what the paste has done.

There is a lot of flexibility to this protocol.  This is because there are times that your dog just has a minor issue and one dose a day for 3 days clears it up. Other times the diarrhea is much more severe and 2 doses a day for 5 days is needed. You, the owner, know your dog the best. Many pet parents learn what works for their pooch and that is great!

Do not be concerned overdosing on the product – it contains natural bacteria that should be in your dog’s system. Due to environmental or medical factors, this bacteria has died off. Giving Caniotic puts that necessary bacteria back into the dogs GI tract.

We hope our protocol helps!


*We are not guaranteeing that Caniotic will clear up diarrhea or that it always clears up in 24 hours. We are simply sharing feedback from professionals in the dog industry that use our products.