Puppies and Diarrhea

Congrats! A new litter of puppies! Is there anything cuter?

But there is a problem – loose stool. This is a huge issue with puppies, and it can be deadly.

What do we suggest?

Prevent a diarrhea issue in your litter by dosing mom with Caniotic tablets or oil during pregnancy and Caniotic Puppy Prep paste at certain times throughout their early life.

Our Suggested Protocol for Puppy Care

Day 3 of life – give 1/2 cc  to small breeds

1 cc to medium breeds

2 cc to large/giant breeds

The slight delay allows the puppies to consume colostrum from Mom. If she has been on Caniotic, she will pass some of the bacteria to the puppies through the birth canal and milk. If the puppies are fine and not given antibiotics, you do not dose them again until…

Week of Weaning – give 2 cc to each puppy, 1 cc for toy breeds

Weaning is stressful and because of that, a prime time for diarrhea to crop up in the litter

From this point on, crumble the Caniotic tablets or add the oil to the food until the puppies leave for their new homes

Group Feeding: dose by the weight of the litter – 10 puppies at 5 pounds would be 50 pounds/2 tablets over the food  (dosing by the pound is on the bag of tablets)

Separate Feeding: 1/4 or 1/2 tablet per puppy

Litters with Coccidia or Giardia

Dose the paste on week 3, 4, and 5 and then feed the tablets as outlined above

Going Home

We suggest that all puppies go to their new home with 1-3 weeks worth of Caniotic to help during this time.  Leaving their littermates and meeting their new family can be a stressful time for puppies.