Dental Health Awareness Month

Created by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Pet Dental Month is an effort to educate the public about the importance of oral health for your pet’s overall wellbeing. February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Time to check with your veterinarian about scheduling a dental appointment for your pet! You should have your veterinarian examine your pet’s teeth and gums yearly as part of a regular well pet visit.

In addition to these yearly checks with your veterinarian, it is important to follow through with home dental care, just as you take care of your own teeth in between trips to the dentist.

At home dental care:

  • regular brushing of your pets teeth with a soft brush and pet toothpaste
  • provide dental cleaning enzyme treats
  • add probiotics to your pets diet
  • dental water additives

Dental health is important not only for your pets mouth but also for their overall health.  The gums connect directly to the blood stream so dental infections can be very serious.   Periodontal diseases that come from plaque build up can cause infections.  In extreme cases dental diseases can lead to problems with the liver, kidneys and heart.