April is Canine Fitness Month

Thankful for the warm weather and sunshine of spring!  April is Canine Fitness Month and the perfect time to get outside and exercise with your favorite furry friends.  Enjoying time outside and getting exercise with your dog has many benefits for both you and your dog.


Benefits of exercise for dogs:

-helps maintain a healthy weight

-improves stress, anxiety and boredom

-good bonding time


Benefits for the dog owner when exercising with their dog:

-lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular fitness

-bonding time with your dog

-stress relief


When starting an exercise routine with your dog, it’s important to take things slowly at first to not overstress their muscles and joints.  Speaking with your veterinarian to make sure that your dog is up to exercise and working on a program to slowly increase their fitness is a great place to start.

Senior dogs and young puppies should be limited in the amount of exercise they do.  While it might seem like your puppy could run for miles and miles, their bodies are still developing and not ready for strenuous lengthy exercise until at least 9 months, longer for larger breeds.  Sniffaris, or long leisurely walks allowing your dog to stop and sniff everything they want, are a great way to exercise and bond with your dogs.  These sniff walks provide lots of mental stimulation as well as the benefits of time outside.