Probiotics for your Dog

Can your beloved pet really benefit from Probiotics?  Yes!

Your dog’s gastrointestinal tract is important to their well-being.  Our Caniotic daily probiotic drops contain LIVE, species specific Lactobacillus reuteri bacteria.  These drops are a great addition to a healthy dogs feed, for dogs that are experiencing illness we recommend our Caniotic oil or Caniotic paste.

CaniOtic is the only probiotic available to dog owners that solely uses a strain of canine cultured bacteria, Lactobacillus reuteri.  Having host specific bacteria is important because it allows the LIVE bacteria to reach the intestines.  Once there the bacteria will multiply establishing a colony of good bacteria and secreting the metabolite reuterin.  Reuterin will work to enhance your dogs immune system while supporting long term digestive health.

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Probiotics are most often prescribed for maintaining a “desirable intestinal microbial balance”.

When an animal is stressed or sick, the balance between the healthy and disease-causing microbes may be disrupted. This can lead to diarrhea, gas, cramping, and bad breath.

Some of the triggers for such digestive disorders include:

  • Infection or bacterial imbalance
  • Stress: As in humans, changes that cause emotional stress, such as boarding, moving, or losing a home, can result in colitis. That’s one reason why many dogs in shelters suffer from diarrhea. Some studies have suggested that probiotics work as well as antibiotics in clearing up diarrhea in shelter dogs.
  • Diet: This can include abrupt changes in the menu, or eating food that is spoiled or that just doesn’t agree with the dog.
  • Old age
  • Medications: Antibiotics and long-term steroids are known culprits in causing diarrhea by killing good bacteria.
  • Parasites

You might consider giving your healthy dog a probiotic if he is prone to developing diarrhea in stressful situations. For example, if you are planning to take your dog to a show or to board the dog, it may make sense to give probiotics for a few days in advance. Also, puppies who tend to get diarrhea after training classes of visits to the vet, for example, might benefit from a few days of probiotics in preparation for the stressful event.