Equiotic Packets – storage and feeding

Equiotic sachets are specifically designed to keep the bacteria inside live and viable through the time of feeding!  The Individual serving sachets ensures that you are giving your horse LIVE bacteria because it has not had exposure to air and moisture.  Equiotic packets should be stored at room temperature, in the refrigerator or in the freezer.  

Equiotic packets should NOT be opened until the time of feeding.

If you make up supplement bags for your horses ahead of time or use SmartPaks convenient system you can add your Equiotic sachet into the container along with their other supplements.  Keeping them together makes it easy for the barn staff to feed both, just remind them that the Equiotic sachets should not be open before feeding time.



If you make up feed bins ahead of time, leave the unopened Equiotic packet in the bin and then open it at the time of feeding.  We know many barns will make up feed buckets ahead of time to make it easier when hungry horses are waiting.  Keep the Equiotic sachet unopened with the grain bucket.  It’s easy to then just open the Equiotic sachet and add to the grain at time of feeding.