Emergency Preparedness for your Pets

We love our pets and want to make sure that they are included in our families emergency plans. June is pet preparedness month and a great time to make sure that you have an up-to-date plan in place for your pets in case of emergency.   Having a plan in place ahead of time can help to make an emergency a little less stressful.

Emergency Kit for your Pet:

  • Having your pet microchipped
  • several days of food, medication and supplements in an airtight, waterproof container
  • water bowl and enough water to last multiple days
  • A weeks supply of your pets regular medication as well any need base medications they take such as anxiety and allergy
  • Collar with ID and extra leash. An extra collar with identification and multiple phone numbers as well as an extra leash.  Multiple phone numbers are helpful for if you have issues with cell phone battery or service
  • Sanitary items. Cat litter, paper towels, old towels, and cleaning wipes are all helpful to have in your emergency kit
  • Emergency contact list and information. Have your veterinarians contact information as well as updated vaccination list for your pets in a zip top bag.  Along with this document you should also have your pets microchip number written down.
  • Pictures of your pet. Pictures of your pet at different hair lengths and with highlights on any specific markings they have as well as a picture of you and your pet together in a zip top bag.  Having these pictures can be helpful in reuniting you and your pet if you become separated as well as assist in proving ownership once they are found.
  • Familiar items. If your pet has a favorite type of ball or stuffed toy, having extras in your emergency kit can provide comfort
  • Pet first aid kit. Pet first aid kits can be purchased from many retailers and contain items such as gauze, non-stick medical tape, antibiotic ointment, activated charcoal, scissors
  • Medical information. An updated printed copy of your pets vaccination records in a zip top bag can provide the proof needed by some shelters and hotels for pets

Having this emergency kit ready to go in case of an emergency is one way to help provide stress reduction through preparedness and ensure your pets are safe with you.  Some additional steps to take to make sure your pets are always safe and cared for include:

-Providing a trusted neighbor, who knows your pets well, a key to your home.  This will allow them to get in and care for your pets if you are stuck and not able to make it home.  (This tip is from personal experience.  There was a huge snowstorm in January of 2022 that completely shut down highway 75 for hours causing it to take over 10 hours for some of our staff to make it home).  Roadways can be shut down due to weather or accidents that you might not know ahead of time for days that you will be significantly delayed.

-“Rescue our pets” decal on your home to alert emergency personnel of pets in the home

-In case of emergency pets at home alone keychain for your keys and card for wallet with contact information for someone who can take care of your pets if you are unable to return home due to injury or illness