Regular Supplementation of Lactobacillus Reuteri Benefits

Why lactobacillus reuteri (even if you are healthy)

Since it was first isolated in 1962 lactobacillus reuteri (L. Reuteri), the symbiotic gut organism that colonizes most (if not all) mammals, has been undoubtedly established as an essential probiotic.  Scientific literature and multiple studies show that L. Reuteri can provide numerous benefits.  These benefits include anti-inflammatory, immune regulation, gut microflora balancing, gut barrier protection (disease prevention), metabolic control, and gut-neuro axis (1).  L. reuteri has also been shown to provide protection from certain viral, bacteria, fungal and protozoal diseases, stressor-induced diseases, and hypercholesterolemia caused by high fat diet (3).

L. Reuteri is beneficial for all mammals due to its protection and prevention of diseases. A randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study in Sweden showed that “daily intake of L. Reuteri can reduce the proportion of subjects reporting sick from gastrointestinal or respiratory tract diseases by 60%” (2). These protection and prevention properties of L. Reuteri make it an essential daily addition, even for those that are healthy, and not just a treatment to have on hand for when tummy troubles arrive.

Once established in the gastro-intestinal tract, is the population secure? No, it has been shown that diet and feeding patterns have an influence on the population numbers of L. Reuteri. Studies in laboratory animals fed the high fat/processed diet have shown relationship to health issues and decreased gut microbiota population.  Feeding L. Reuteri daily provides a continuous source of the good gut bacteria to repopulate the gut.  L. Reuteri colonizes the entire GI tract and when administered orally can be found in all regions of the gut (3).

Our animal partners/pets/athletes/companions have also had their diets manipulated changing their exposure to microbiota replacement/renewal. Dogs/cats ate meat, were exposed to the GI contents of their pray and vegetation of the environment.  Horses are often not exposed to their original food stuff from various grasses and fed concentrates and supplements and fats which can influence their microbial population.  Just as the human change in diet can affect floral population so can the dietary changes for our pets.

Therefore, even in an apparently healthy individual, regular supplementation of L. reuteri is instrumental for a healthy gut.  Benefiting health, performance, behavior, and longevity. This is why Equiotic, Caniotic and Feliotic are designed to be on a daily basis.



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